Check list for individual houses and invitation to tenders (collectif)

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Ref :Only for collectif (invitation to tender)

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Documents analysis
1st check2nd check
Check the estimate quotation

Roofing loads, type of roof (tiles, slates…)

Partition: Ceiling loads

Check the technical information of the roof

Read CCTP (frame, roof, ceiling) to obtain roof loads, truss spacing, type of ceiling, dormer

Carpentry: Spacing truss, type of PVC, type of eave lines, type of dormer cheek, safety hooks …

Architect plans
1st check2nd check
Analyze architect plans

     - Facade / frontage

     - Different floors / different concrete heights (Concrete plans)

     - Specific details

Compare architect plans and quotation

Roofer details

Open architect plan, take the pitch and altimetry height limit

Analyse concrete plans, and compare to architect plan

Beginning of drawing on PAMIR 1st check2nd check
Client specifications (guidelines)

Design code (F4 settings)

     - Project location

     - Snow area / altitud

     - Wind area

     - Ceiling loads

     - Seismic area

     - Roof loads

     - Stability building

Draw following specifications from architect plans (altitud, height, attic area…) and concrete plans

Make the trusses repartition on layout (framing zone)

Calculation (design) :

     - Be careful about fixity on support (horizontally or vertically or both)

     - Design all girder elements (girder trusses, wood beams…)

If design fails, let MiTek and the client know. Think about solutions and propose them if possible
Make differents views for plans (according to the client's wish)

     - Roof

     - Sections

     - Loads transfer to the concrete in daN/ml if necessary)

     - Particularities (dormer, dormer cheek …)

     - Details drawn by the technician himself (according to roofer details, or architect       details)

PG plans (always compare PG plans with architect plans)1st check2nd check
Building dimensions vs architect plans dimensions

Sections vs architect sections

Batchcut and cut list first, then trusses fabrication plans in second

Trusses dimensions (multipart)

Spacing trusses


Offset (limite de propriété)

Overang (limite de propriété)

PVC colour

Heel (vertical heigth)


Porch dimensions + indication on final plan "Sous-face PVC sous porche"

Attic width (axis ridge or not)

Attic heigth

Dimensions and position openings (rooflights, stairwell, dormer …)

Listing (Check quotation)1st check2nd check
Truss quantity

Bracing quantity

Metalworks quantity (bracket, bolt…) 

PVC + accessory PVC quantities

Ckecking and sending1st check2nd check
Checking of all plans done (fabrication plan, listing, cut list…)

Differences with quotation